A big story!

Hi Guys

A big sorry to anyone trying to ring me this morning /Afternoon had a very late outcall Last night and didnt get back untill dawn so the day was mostly spent sleeping zzzz

Any way guys as some of you know. i really enjoy being active and can really get into fucking you …but sometimes just like yesterday a really Active guy comes a long and has me screaming for more …In walk a very well built mike tyson lookalike ..a very well built muscles body ..strong and masculine ..i just got to my knees and gave homage to his …enormous long thick cock ..it didnt need much persuading as it was already big and hard ..His hands took no time to explore my big round bOObs ..and my nipples were soon hard and m whole body ,just felt weak before him .He pushed me forcefully on the bed and with my legs over him and spread wide .he grabbed my arms holding me down as his monster black cock ..pushed deeper and deeper ..my own cock was rock hard .as he forcefull hard his way with me ..forcing me to admit how i loved dark cocks ..and was just made for serving balck masters ..He fucked me what seemed like an age finally coming …only to caryr on inside me still hard …i was screaming in pleasure as he dragged me to the side of the bed and fucked me from behind ..only to cum again ..im still shaking thinking about how horny it got me giving m mind and bod over to him …xcx