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Wow my lovley readers .Just abig thankyou for your continued reading of this blog of #hounslowshemale
I really do appreciate all your lovley comments .guys This #hounslowtranny will be in her usual place on the A4 osterley ..Hounslow area from THURSDAY 1st October 2015 till THURSDAY 8th OCT

AS i am writing this i am so fucking turned on its been a quiet day but my cock in my #hounslowsissy panties is rock hard love to have someone sucking it as the gently massage my #hounslowtv balls …

Then this #hounslowts would bend you over her bed and gently screw you umm i think i might need to go on a webcam in a second and relieve myself of this ..I truelly am so horny just the though of ummm



Hi guys
What a Month had my big trip from SOUTHWALES to Pombal upper east coast of PORTUGAL .Myself #BRISTOLTRANSVESTITE and my friend and 7 cats set of from our old home in the RHONNDA valley TREFOREST late in AUGUST at 6 am on a VERY typical rainy Welsh Morning .to start our trip in our 15 year old Odd Shaped MINIBUS ..,,CROSSING the channel Tunnel we had another 1200 miles of France and Spain ..but 2and abhalf days later we arrived in POMBAL .safeb and sound no mechanical problems just a senile Satnav that stopped working in PARIS but eh at least our cats got to see the EIFFEL tower and Midnite ..Wellhad a lovley time here but coming back to the UK BRISTOL ON THE 20TH SEPTEMBER and then this #BRISTOLSHEMALE will be available for your pleasure on MONDAY the 21st SEPTEMBER for ten days and then flat hunting in CARDIFFor SOUTHAMPTON not sure which ..will be available in HOUNSLOW early OCTOBER .THIS #BRISTOLSISSY has been so sex starved for 3 weeks so looking forward to some really horny experiences..Cant wait tohave my cockin your mouth and FEEL YOURS IN MINE .Maybe having me fill you up with my hard Tranny cock will get you cumming .OR Maybee you wanna feel urself inside this sexy tvs hole while you grab my big soft tits while you pump away at me ,teaching me to behave like the dirty trannybitch i am

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Hi guys just sitting here in NOTTINGHAM sadly telling myself NEVER AGAIN ,,I saw some great guys but WOW so many timewaisters …just something that really puts me in a mood so for that reason this will be my last tour of NOTTINGHAM ..

IM going to be in BRISTOL tomorrow MONDAY 17th AUGUST it will be my last day AVAILABLE until im back from PORTUGAL IN LATE september ..USUAL PLACE THAT THIS #bristolts is found ie shirehampton ..i will be available from 10 am till 10 pm for you to worship my #bristolshemale body and suck my #englishts cock .Making meso damned horny that i have no option but to Fuck YOU .Or maybe you want to see me be a little #bristolsissy and suck your cock until you lay me on the bed and fuck this #trannybristol slut till she squeals in joy ..


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Hi guys just a quick heads up I WILL BE IN NOTTINGHAM NG1 MANSFIELD RD AREA from WEDS 12TH till MONDAY 17th AUGUST 2015 ..this will be my last time AVAILABLE until late SEPTEMBER …..SO IF U WANT TO SEE A #nottinghamts with a hard juicy #nottinghamtv cock i will be here for you in NOTTINGHAM ..ready to stand up with my hard cock as you kneel before me staring up at my super hard #sissynotingham cock and suck it .while taking in the sight of my #shemalenottingham big round soft tits ..

guys and girls i will see you all soon …


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Hi GUYS just to let you know that this #bristoltv will be visiting bristol SUNDAY 9th and MONDAY 10th AUGUST 2015 ..Had a fun week in CRAWLEY BUT NOW FEELING SO DAMNED HORNY.

Cant wait to show you how much of a #bristolshemale i can be waiting to be touched on my super sensitive #bristolsissy boobs .just making my #bristoltransvestite nipples as erect as my #bristoltv cock ..Cant wait to show you how delightfully submissive i can make you .And how very very horny it is to watch a #bristolts spurt her cum all over you .xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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well my time before i leave for a month in PORTUGAL is drawing ever closer ,And im still searching for somewhere to rent in the south east of england for my return or else this #englishtv will be homeless on her return .
Anyway i will be available for your pleasure this week in the CRAWLEY in a very discreet annex of a Central Crawley Hotel super discrete NO NEED TO WALK PAST RECEPTION .Lots of adjacent parking i will be around from 2 PM SUNDAY 2 nd till very LATE WEDNESDAY 5th AUGUST ..
As always i am happy to be the naughty little #crawleytranny submissive and happy to suck your cock like a good little #crawleysissy and offer my #crawleytv bum upto my back arched like a total cock loving slut .

Also just as happy to force you on ur knees in a pair of pink knickers looking up pathetically at the #crawleyactive . I force you to kiss the end of my cock, as a mark of respect, before i hear you beg to able to choke yourself on my #crawleyshemale cock .Then bending you over the bed i rip down ur sissy panties till there around your thighs .And lube up your tight little hole “dont touch your cock just yet my little bitch” as i see it twitching as i further explore your secret pleasure places. I then gently but very firmly slip my #crawleyactive cock deep inside you and .startarhythem of fucking you .You can see yourself in the mirror .Apatheic site ur panties half way down ur thighs and my cock deep inside you ..I allow you 20 strokes of your sissyfied cock and on the tenth stroke you scream and explode ..”lick up every drop”IMG_0227IMG_0127 lol

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Hey guys just thought id post this blog to tell you wow wow .MILTONKEYNES was amazing thankyou to all the guys who came to see me .
And aBIG BIG hello to the lovley woman B that came to see me yes a real WOMAN came to see this #gaytvhounslow I have to admit to being really nervous having never seen a female client as a121 but the minute i saw her lovley face and enormous brown eyes my #shemalehounslow cock was so so hard .Within seconds we were ripping of each others clothes cupping her soft big boobs as she got to work on mine .Her sexy african mouth licking at my #HOUNSLOWts hole as she lay on top of me telling me that little fem guys like me made her so wet .Her mouth was around my #hounslowtransvestite cock in no time devouring it .I felt truelly weak under her spell and would have done anything she asked as i lay spread eagled beneath her.My #hounslowtransexual boobs hers .my cock hers my very being hers .As she straddled my hard shemale cock i was already so turned on as she pumped and pumped away at me i just kept getting stiffer and stiffer inside her tight pussy .I Turned her over and it was now me in control feverishly screwing her with my hard #hounslowsissy cock .Her screams were music to my ears. At that moment her pleasure was my pleasure .finally she knelt doggy style on all fours as i took her from behind and made her cum ..i hope .Totally unexpected but wow she is still on my mind she so turned me on .

gUYS im back in Hounslow TUESDAY 21ST till MONDAY 27th JULY WITH MY HARD TRANNY COCK twitching with anticipation thinking about the sexy fun next week will hopefully bring ..


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I had an interesting week in Hounslow ,,lots of sex and wow have i been feeing so so so turned on of late the lack of estrogen in my body so turns me into a total #miltonkeynestranny ..Yes MILTONKEYNES i will be visiting MILTONKEYNES TUESDAY 7th July untill MONDAY 13th JULY ,2015 .I will be staying in a LUXURY APARTMENT in the mk9 area .the THEATRE district ,10 mins walk from Milton kEYNES TRAIN STATION .with loads of adjacent Parking .

I saw a regulay who is always wanting to be fucked but never goes through with it ..Mr L not his reall name ..when he turned up i was dressed in my usual #miltonkeynessissy clothes -a short revealing dress my big round bOObs on display ,my sexy #miltonkeynesTV legs in black stockings with my strappy tranny sandals .looking every inch the dirty t girl .Within second his hands were rushing for my cock ,which quickly sprang to its hard smoothness and i offered it to his waiting hole ..”no no no no no maybe not this time “ummm ah well .suffice to say i helped him cum another way and wow he was greatful.
Another guy came to see this #miltonkeynesshemale ..and his words kinda insulted me and also against my sensibilitys so turned me on ..He walked in a middle aged white guy ..”i just love seeing tvs like you ” I asked him why like me what do you mean “well really horny looking, feminine but not totally …like a transvestite with boobs rather than a woman with a cock, those juicy bOObs of yours and that lovley Big cock .If i wanted to see a woman with a womans bum and a womans face i would .its hornier to see trannys like you that i can still see some of the boy in ” This so made me feel insulted .really it did cutting through my identity as as a Transwoman .like a knife .An identity that i have held for a decade .One that im proud that i look like a woman and can pass through life without the world noticing my differences .
But eh wow why did i feel so turned on by his insults ,,so very turned on .a deep stirring in my core .as he commanded i get my sissyass on the bed .He then slipped his cock deep inside me and fucked me untill i was screaming for him to carry on ..umm most odd .And when i returned the favour with him riding my shecock ,,all i could think of was his words ,,that still turned me on so very much …He rode my cock and i wanked and sucked his cock till he splattered his manly juices all over my smooth soft round bOObs ..He left a happy man .
Left me feeling a confused TRANSEXUAL WOMAN .transvestite slut .gay sissyboy .so let me know your honest thoughts ..about this How do you feel about it ?how do you view me ?..
Anyway guys im still the dirty versatile mature big boobed ,hard cocked individual i always have been

See you all soon


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Back with the boys again ..That is i will be returning to Hounslow TW5 area FRIDAY 26TH till FRIDAY 3rd JUNE 2015 ..i will be available for your pleasure from 2pm on FRIDAY ..
I have had an interesting week in WALES just relaxing with my 7 cats ..but starting to get some really dirty thoughts oh yes this #transhounslow has been crying out to be touched i just love a mans hands all over my big soft round bOObs and to feel u licking my supersensitive #shemalehounslow boobs is such a pleasure ..MAKES my cock so hard that i feel the need to just bend you over and gently screw you as my hands play with ur twitching cock .
As my #tshounslow cock gets harder and the weather gets warmer just makes me daydream about being a dirty #tvhounslow ..imagining myself dressed in a very short skirt, a boob revealing top. My stocking tops visible from the tops of my stiletto clad legs standing in an old haunt of street walking girls in Stmarys in Southampton .tweaking my #sissyhounslow nipples as car after car slows down and looks at the dirty hooker .eyeying up my tits and my legs .then driving off in a hurry when the suss out im not ALL woman ,,but one long sleek BMW stops .
The windows are subtly tinted so in the dark i cant make out the driver .but as he winds down the window i see a man in his late 40s with a bald brutish face i feel a shiver of fear until i see his kind green eyes ,he crooks his finger motioning me over .I wiggle over my unrestrained tits bouncing as i click along the pavement toward him .”are you a tranny ” he asks in a broad southern Irish accent “show me your cock you dirty fucking tranny whore “his words make me feel ashamed and turned on all at once and i lift up my skirt to reveal my hard cock .”get in the car bitch no not that side ..get in the drivers seat ..You drive ” Putting the car into drive and taking of the handbrake i drive smoothly away ..his hands playing with my cock ..then his mouth closes over my cock and hes sucking me off as i take a slow drive around the area .His fingers finding my tight little hole as he suck and sucks until i finally give him my cum ..which he keeps in his mouth and kisses me to share it ..He then orders me to pull over in aquiet spot we chane drivers and i suck him till he shoots all over my face which point he drives me to the city centre and throws me out in front of a crowded club .SO everyone can see the dirty tranny cum soaked hooker ..Ah well i can dream see all soon guys IMG_8343



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Hey guys just to let u know this #tshounslow is returning to guess where Yes Hounslow .I will be returning to Hounslow THURSDAY 18th JUNE ..and staying untill 10 pm SATURDAY 20TH JUNE ..i will be so happy to see you .Me and my hard #tvescorthounslow cock will be gagging to be touched .I so love being a horny sex toy ..I had a guy cum to see me today and his touch was so gentle he was just lightly touching my little #sissyhounslow balls and tweaking my #transexualhounslow Nipples when i was playing with my cock oh oh oh i was so super turned on …so close to coming i felt like such a really dirty .trannyslut .which i aspire to be .I have seen a fair amount of guys these two days in Bristol but guess what ..Honestly i have not cum i so wannna cum ..I so luv the feeling of losing myself completley in the moment and being your personal sexually led trannybimbo a #shemalehounslow play toy .just yours to twiddle with .You to control my body until finally u gently play with my sweet little hole and i cant hold on to my shemaleseed any longer and just cum 4 u .
I have these dirty thoughts of you using me ,parading me around in super short bimbo clothes and shaming me publicly .Lifting up my bright pink miniskirt and showing the shame of my hard cock to everyone .Making me suck you off on my smooth stockingclad tranny knees .Then you cum all over the ground and order me to lick it up from the pavement all the time im wanking my own cock untill with the last lick of the ground i explode all down legs .You make me walk home with the shame of my own cum stuck to my stockings for everyone to see what a dirty owned bitch i am ..