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Hi guys …well had a great time in Nottinghill and Bristol now this #tvts is back in Southampton so15 Shirley rd Area On THURSDAY 28th April till TUESDAY 3rd MAY …then this #Sissy this #hampshirets will be in HOUNSLOW /Osterley area from Tuesday 3rd till SUNDAY 7th MAY ..
Im currently at home in Southampton just taking it easy and trying to get over sinusitus ..Swollen faces arnt the prettyiest things .
Anyway guys this #hounslowtv WISHES YOU ALL A GREAT WEEK .


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Hi Guys wow ive had a horny few weeks this #sissy #femboi has been so so so horny having this dirty fantasy about being taken by 2 guy at once ..i mean to cocks in my tight #tranny HOLE ..UMM JUST IMAGINING a dirty dark alley and some drunk guys realising im a #bristoltransvestite and holding me down one lifting up my #bristoltransexual skirk ..me getting turned on by it and them wanting to treat the dirty #tvts a lesson in being a #trap one forces me to give him a wet wet blow job .as the other spunks over my hole ..they force the dirty #bristolshemale to push that cum deep in my #bristolsissy hole .as the other one im blowing then sticks his hard cock inside me and screws me all the time im playing with my #bristolts cock .im sucking the other guy untill he is also hard he forces that cock next to the one thats in me i cry out but they just keep on ..and without even playing myself i spurt my #sissy #tranny seed all over myself ..
just a thought lol
Guys im in NOTTINGHILLGATE from MONDAY 18th APRIL til SAT 23rd
discrete comfortable Apartment 4 mins walk frm NOTTINGHILLGATE tube


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Hi guys well im presntly in Portugal i drove over on Thursday and it took me 2 days with a well earned rest in a roadside motel in Cestas France ..
Do you think this #southamptontransvestite took it easy and just chilled in her room ..um no i showered .rested for 2 hours and woke up with such a #hampshiretv hardon ..i just had to get on the internet and try and find a playmate …and thankfully guess what i managed it so a sexy algerian engish speaking guy came to visit this dirty #hampshire tranny in my seedy motel room ..And wow i must be honest i was scaredall on my own with a complete stranger in a different country .but that so added to this #hampshiresissy hard on and wow was i turned on ..he wasted no time making a grab for hard #hampshireshemale cock and within seconds he was expertly playing with it with me bent over the bed like a very dirty cock luving bitch my dress around my waist and his big brown cock just ticling my tight gay little hole ,,,i lubed myself up like the good slut i am and pushed back on his hard condom dressed cock .slowly relaxing myself onto his monster ..and let him take control of me feeling every deep thrust of him ..He grabbed my hands and held them behind my back as he .continued his possesion of my tight tranny hole .i could feel him hiting my very private spot bringing me so near orgamn each time ..But this dirty english rough old tranny so wanted to wank her cock and explode ..He roughly pushed me on the bed .forcing his hard cock between my stocking clad legs that draped weakly over his powerful shoulders .I grabbed for my cock ,but a slap accross my face and his powerful stare stopped me in my tracks but put me into an even greater state of arousal ..his thrusts became more urgent and his hands roughly squeezed my soft white bOObs .He finally withdrew his cock and taking of his condom ..just wanked and came straight over my face ,then wiping his cock on my hair he allowed me to play with myself ,ordering the dirty trans to cover myself with my own shameful cum ..

He left soon after and i slowly drifted off to sleep ..

Guys I will be BACK and AVAILABLE in SOUTHAMPTON SO15 area from MONDAY 28th MARCH till Monday 11TH APRIL then this dirty versatile tranny will be returning to BRISTOL BS11 from 11 th till the 18th APRIL 2016



hI GUYS just a very SHORT post that i will add to in the next few day

I will be in HOUNSLOW //OSTERLEY TW7 area from 2 pm MONDAY 14TH till LATE WEDNESDAY 16th MARCH 2016

usual place ,,discrete motel on the A4 feel free to ring me for more details guys

THEN im off to PORTUGAL till the last week of MARCH

Ah for you Lovley BRISTOLIANS I will be back on the 10 th MARCH for 7 days

take care guys


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WP_20160227_21_49_22_ProTaken with Lumia Selfie

Hi guys THIS WEEK I WILL be staying in SOUTHAMPTON available from MONDAY 7th till MONDAY 14th MARCH then i will be in HOUNSLOW TW7 area MONDAY 14th till LATE THURSDAY 17th MARCH …

Then im off to PORTUGAL FOR TEN days ,,

So what has this dirty #hampshiresissy been upto ? wow had some very hot steamy sex with nice clients ,,been trying trying so hard for my #hampshiretransexual bum to be fucked nicley and gently to make me cum WITHOUT this #hampshiretransvestite having to play with her cock but ..belive this it has never happened ,,every body wants to screw my #hampshiretv bum but not for long enough or gently enough for this #hampshireshemale to explode no handed .Its been my fantasy for years to cum without touching i came near once when i was 19 ..met a black older guy in yes you guessed it a gents toilet i was dressed in heels and short skirt stockings etc a young titless tv ..out for cock .he was probably in his 40s but very tall fit and nice ,gentle but firm ..he took me back to my place which at the time was a caravan in a field lol ..and he bent me over my bed and gently entered me ..it was so sweet him whispering in my tell daddy u want his cock that a good girl ..and i did like a proper lil bitch ..he slowly entered me .thankfully he wasnt enormous and as he entered me he was gently stroking my cock ..He screwed me gently for a few minutes and i was so turned on ..even though i was not playing with my cock … Anyway i couldnt resit it anymore and stroked myself i came instantly like the dirty lil #hampshiresissy i am ummm ..

Guys i will c u all, soon

Take care xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Hi guys have to tell you about a naughty dirty time i had last night on the a36 ..in the gents toilets at nearly midnite ..i had been on my back from Bristol ..and id planned to be a dirty hounslowtransvestite for hours ,,secreting my #hounslowsissy outfit having a shower at friends i put on my stockings and sexy revealing dress under my middleaged woman attire ,,,so driving from Bristol to southampton on the a36 ..i stopped at deserted layby and took of my outer clothes to reveal my skimply #hounslowtv dress and putting on my killer #hounslowshemaleheels and a very naughty leather jacket i carried on my journey my cock getting harder every minute ..until i arrived in a layby with toilets on the a36 ..ummm i could see lots of guys sitting alone in there cars i parked just opposite the gents toilet …So nervous to be dressed like a total dirty old tranny slut .I gingerly opened my car door and nervously got out and minced across the car park and headed straight for the gents toilet .my heels clicking on pavement ..my shame clear and obvious for all to see a .dirty slutty tranny after cock .I walked into the gents and went to a stall ..getting my very hard cock out and playing with it ..i waited a few minutes then a fit looking guy in his early 40s walked in and looked at me a smile on his face “ohh look at u ..what a dirty bitch u r all dressed up .looking for cock “..he pulled me into a stall and ..forcing me to m y knees .”if u dress like a slut u better be one ” with this he forced his cock into my mouth and i did my duty ….With him rock hard he bent me down over the toilet and putting his condomed cock deepinside me ..leaving the door open so a few other curious guys saw the dirty ts taking cock ..he came within seconds followed by me ..being so turned on by the whole situation of me dressed like this taking it hard from a stranger ..It was just too much for me and i came loads all over my self ..
Then i shamefaced clicked out of the toilet on my heels and slutty dress ,feeling sated dirty and totally humiliated
It was an intense experience i might repeat ,,maybee tonight as im getting so hard just wrighting this ..

But tomorrwoW guys i am in HOUNSLOW TW7 AREA ON THE a4
from 230 pm MONDAY 22 nd till Late SAT 27th Feb

any questions guys just ring me eh xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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Hi guys ,,what a week of COCKS this #southamptontv has had all in southahampton im settling into my new flat ,,and will be around from TUESDAY 16th till SAT 20 th FEB ,,,,the following weak im going back to HOUNSLOW for a cheeky week of west LONDON cocks ……This monday this dirty tranny this cock giving #southamptonshemale will be driving all the way to Bristol to do a drivers course..Forced upon my #southamptonts arse by the safer rods people …3 miles ab hour over the speed limit at midnite on a dual carriageway ..anyway maybee i can tempt the teacher with my big hard cock ..and show him or her the speed and power behind me as i plough them infront of a classroom of similarly disgruntled motorists ..
I will let you know how that goes ..
Anything else guys feel free to ring or mail me


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Hi guys a quick update

I will be available finally in SOUTHAMPTON shirley rd area from MONDAY 8th Feb till Friday 12th

In MY NEW apartment on shirley rd so15 area very discrete ..ONLY a 10 mins Wlak frm Central station
with ample on street parking

Guys sorry i havent updated you with any new pics …dont blame me Blame talk talk for taking so long to fit my broadband ..

will be up and running soon ..
Take care


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Hi guy Wow sorry forgot to update my profile I WILL BE in HOUNSLOW//OSTERLEY TW7 area on the A4 ,,from 2pm WEDS till LATE Friday 5th FEB 2016



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Hi guys i am back in bristol …this #bristoltranny is here from today SUNDAY 24th JAN til SUNDAY 31st JAN ,,
the same place BS11 area junction 18 of the M5 …
THIS UNIQUE #bristoltransvestite with big bouncy bOObs so enjoys guys who really appreciate my big hard #bristolfemboi cock ..who like to place it between their mouth and feel it harden to its full #bristolsissy size as my nipples harden on my #bristolshemale bOObs ..
seeing you suck my hard cock and me gently guiding it into you ,,a liitle at a time ..inch by inch .entering you .feeling ur cock stiffen when im inside you and finally seeing you cum all over yourself umm what joy ..

This #bristoltrannymilf so loves guys who wanna treat me like the little #bristoltransexual i am to put me accross ur knee at spank me as u gently start fingering my #bristolcrossdresser hole .and feeling u kiss me deeply on the lips as ur hands explore my swollen bOObs .tweeaking my little #bristolsissy nipples until u finally push me down on the bed and fuck my mouth with ur cock forcing me to swallow every last drop of ur cum ..And il wait for your to stiffen again and screw me till i spurt my load all over my own swollen bOObs