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Well Hello
Its been a while ..after my mammoth trip back from Portugal in my monster minibus i took some time out ..This #southamptonshemale is presently in hounslow until Saturday 22nd Jan then i will be in Bristol for 7 days //
I have finally founs a home for myself and my #southamptontranny cock ..in Shirley southampton so will be spending some time being available for all you sexy hampshire rams who like #southamptontranny ….
I am slowly getting back into the swing of letting my #southamptontransvestite cock loose on the good people of Hounslow ..ive already opened up the holes of a few hounslow guys with this big hard #southamptonsissy cock ..
Thankyou to my special friend in Southampton for taking some pictures for me a few nights ago ..i had fun sucking your little cock ..i hope you had fun taking pictures of me ..so again thankyou my little bitch boy xxx

Guys i will be back soon with some new pictures and other things like to thank you all for cuming back and reading this blog ..
Of a simple dirty tranny who so loves sucking and swallowing cum .and turning you Big men into my cock taking little sissys .
Seeing ur faces dripping with my cum .seeing it sliding down your face and watching ur shame clearly visible in your eyes oh it so gets me hard horny and ready to hurt ..


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Hi there guys .Sorry for not blogging for a few weeks ..my only excuse is laziness ..
Thankyou to you lovley guys i saw in Southampton will have to make a return visit soon ..
Im currently back in Portugal relaxing for a while giving my aging Cock a rest from all that friction ..I think this year i have screwed endless holes ..Male and Female ..been sucked of by many guys and a few girls ..
So yes i really do need a break .

I had a great night out in December ..Meeting up with the infamous management of Grooby productions ..one of the worlds biggest producers of transporn on a night out in a soho club..Made me feel very old to be honest .realised how youth orientated the porn industry is //Ive dome a few things for them but nothing of much note and Nothing i really felt showed me in my REAL LIGHT ..But thats probably my fault ..and i should leave it to younger sexier girls ?? feel free to let me know what you think ..check them out see the free previews ..then see if you wanna join and see me and lots of Seriously sexy UK based t girls ..http://www.uk-tgirls.com/tour/
Well what have i got planned for 2016 …a new base …Probably in the south west or east of England ..Many more tours to new places Hoping to tour Northern and Southern Ireland ..Let me know if you want me to visit your town just e mail me tscelinepreop@aol.co.uk
Just sitting here thinking this is my 8th day without sex of any kind ..gonna so cum buckets when i return to the uk . Love that first touch of a mans hand on my soft smooth flesh when i havent played for a while ..makes me feel like a proper dirty bitch on heat my cock standing to attention ,,my nipples just aching to be touched ..My whole body wanting to be caressed ..and love to feel your head between my girly thighs .licking me gently turning me on slowly ..until wow i get on top of your body and gently enter you ..My arms encircling your body and my cock deep deep inside you .A total reversal of fortunes me screwing you and screwing you ..until .I force you back between my legs licking my teeny balls and sucking my hard cock until i feel the time is right .And reward you with all my pent up Cum ..then to see you lick and swallow my cum as you play with your own cock bringing your self of in seconds ..ummm
Guys i will let you know my plans soon wishing you all a very Free and Fulfilling Year


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Hi guys Christams is cumming and my cock is getting fat .
This #milftranny is NOW BACK IN BRISTOL BS11 9RL available FRIDAY 11th till Late SUNDAY 13th DECEMBER 2015
THIS WILL BE MY LAST visit to Bristol untill late in JANUARY 2016

I WILL HOWEVER be available in HOUNSLOW from MONDAY 14th DECEMBER untill Late WEDS 23 rd DECEMBER

This #hounslow tranny is looking forward to seeing you all and leaving you with a lovley warm feeling all over your faces ..lol

anyway guys if you have any questions feel free to ring me ..and i hope you all have a lovley run up to Christmas

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Hi guys
I am about to leave Bristol aiming once again for the m4 yes this #milftranny i sheading back to hounslow usual place tw5 are on the a4 From 4 pm SUNDAY 6th DECEMBER till Late WEDS 9th DECEMBER ..then back to Bristol for a few days before back to hounslow until December 23rd …
thought i would tell you about a Guy who comes to see me from time to time avery dirty minded .Dominat type who can issue forth such filth from my mouth he has me gagging to cum by just his dirty words ..
He came to see me this week ,in the early evening ,,,we had arranged that this #hounslowtransexual would fuck him for the first time and take his virginity ..
In he came to see me #get in the shower bitch and clean YOUrself for me “he came out looking sheepishly AT me ..out he came by now really i was really hard my #milftransexual cock was ready for him to suck ..”just suck it u pathetic little man get it hard .YOU know you need this .u need to feel me deep inside you to finally realise that you are a total little bitch ” with him on his knees i fed my rock hard cock into his mouth and delighted at hearing him gag “please fuck me ..please ” “for me to fuck you hunny you gotta tell me what a pathetic little gay sissy you are now walk in front of me with your pansy wrists bent and tell me what you are “And he did just that this big strong man who last time had turned me into his subbie lil girlwas parading in front of me ,Like aproper pansy ohh what sweet revenge.I bent him over the bed and gently entered him to his real crys of no ..no ..”oh fucking yes just take it ” no mistress ..please take it out and cum over me ” I slapped him across his face “You dont tell me what to do your so pathetic, u cant even take my cock your useless ..lets look at your cock .Has it ever got hard properly with a woman ?” “umm no mistress “he whispered honestly ..Taking my broken man to lay on his back i put my fingers inside him and demanded he wank in front of me .
“you really are honestly less than a man u r agay little pansyfied sissy .a loser not much of man u r so patheic” I spat fully in his face at this he spurted everywhere..
Guys if any of you single unattached .brave people would like to take part in a movie me screwing you ..If you are happy for your face to be shown ..if you are totally serious ..please ring me …Please dont ring meif you arenot 100 percent serious ..your chance for me to dominate and humiliate you …for free ..will be uploaded to different sites so Be sure you are cool with this ..Will be just you me and a camera man or woman ..in aprivate location Prob in late jan ..so Phone or email me..
guys take care out there


Hi guys BRISTOLDATES are MONDAY 30TH november to saturday 6TH DECEMBER 2015

usual place BS11 9RL SHIREHAMPTON me and my cock are waiting for you xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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HI Guys this #cardifftranny will be in Cardiff TUESDAY 24th and Wednesday 25th NOVEMBER 2015 ..then THE #cardifftransvestite with tits will be back in HOUNSLOWfri 27th till late sunday 29th …..then returning to BRISTOL on the 30th till the 5th ..its an exhausting life for a #cardiffshemale ..but eh this #cardifftransexual ishappy to provide you with a big #cardiffsissy cock .for you to suck ..guys im totally exhausted ..so im gonna be brief but im located ON CATHEDERAl rd in a private apartment ..discrete and easy to find..will be my only visit to WALES for another few years so if you have wanted to see a genuine OLDER ts with a totally hard cock and a genuinley warm disposition .in her home city ..come see me

whatever you decide take care


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Hey GUYS this #hounslowshemale will be BACK in HOUNSLOW //OSTERLEY
SUNDAY 15th till the 22nd NOVEMBER 2015

This #hounslowtransvestite HAD SUCH A SEXYSESSION WITH A VERY FIT BRISTOL REGULAR In he walked and instantly my foggy #hounslowtranny memory came back to me i stripped of completley and revealing my naked #hounslowsissy body gave him asexy body to body massage my big #hounslowcrossdresser bOObs gently pushing into his back as my fingers started exploring his sexy butt ..i ended up with my hand in a condom fisting him ..he really loved this especially when i placed my very hard smooth cock deep inside him ..he pushed against me and we enjoyed 20 oddminutes of me fucking him before he pushed me to the bed .my legs straddling his body .and teased me with his hard cock before his toungue explored my little tight hole .Sending shivers of pleasure through my quivering body ..before again i was deep inside him showing him the pleasure that can be had from recieving my fully loaded shecock ..We had such naked fun for the rest of our session ..He had to leave.When he was fully dressed and bending down to kiss me , i grabbed at his crotch “dont go lover i wannna cum .just take down ur jeans and fuck me like the dirty useless slut i am “wow i really was amazingly turned on ..and so needed to cum and bless he he helped me ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm..
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HEY Guys and Girls
this #bristoltv will be in BRISTOL bs11 area Shirehampton from 11th NOV till MIDNITE SAT 14TH .Im in POMBAL portugal at the moment enjoying a week of relaxation with me my cats and my friend ..Recharging my energy levels …..its good to be back and just relax and enjoy nature ,eat good simple organic food and get back to nature .like the good #bristolshemale i am ..
On my way driving to Luton Airport and 2 am..i was so fucking turned on my cock wastwitching in my #bristoltransvestite panties .and i spotted a parking sign .for a picnic area and toilets so this very turned on #bristoltranny stopped and got thisdeep aching inside me to totally debase myself so ..i changed my shoes into some very high heels hitched up my skirt took of my jacket .and minced over from my #bristoltransexual car to the GENTS toilet..parked facing the toilet were a few cars .and about 5 lorries ..in walked and minced over to the cubicles ,reading the inside of the door all the ..dirtytv suckscock ..man in wifes undiestakes it ..etc .Got me more hornyso there i was the door slightly open and me wanking my hard #bristolts cock ,while playing with my erect nipples poking through my braless top ..I became so nervous when i heard footsteps coming in the next second my door was open and a middleaged lorrydrivers mouth was wrapped around my cock …while he was wanking his own cock .he came in seconds and just zipped himeself up and left ..I didnt have to wait long as ayoungish looking guy came in “said ive never been with a sissy like you” .insulted by being called such a name .I became even more turned on knowing i had to hurry i so needed to cum ..and bending over the toilet .and making sure his suckable cock was condomned and my transexual holewas lubed i allowed him to fuck me as i wanked my cock ..his hand explored my chest discovering my real big round soft tranny bOObs .I enjoyed it 4 as long as i could knowing i had to get going to airport ,and feeling his cock getting more swollen inside me i pushed hard back on it as i wanked sososo hard and spurted all over the toilet seat .as i felt him explode inside me ..I left feeling totally broken dirty and sated .Not proud of my behaviour guess it was a one of xxx

hey see you all in bristol one hopes xxxxx

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Hi guys this #hounslowtransvestite is back in guess where yes HOUNSLOW ..It has been half term so not especially rushed of my cock ..but im still here me and my hard COCK my hard 7 plus inches of solid trans cock is here to entertain you …Im here in HOUNSLOW TW5 area until MIDNITE monday 2nd of NOVEMBER thenim flying back to PORTO for a weeks r and r and will resuface in Shirehampton BRISTOL bs11 on the 12th of NOVEMBER …just thought id tell you about a sexy guy who came to see this #hounslowtransexual nice guy in his late 30s tanned and sexy with a bag of sexy knickers ..for him to wear .there he was standing right in front of me with pretty red panties ..me behind him with my very hard #hounslowtranny cock .and yes i simulated fucking him ..you see he was toscared of my #hounslowsissy cockto let this little tranny fuck him ..so believe it or not me banging into him with my hard shecockdrove him so wild he spunked ..then changed into new panties and started again ..5 times hecame wow ..what staying power lol..Guys think i need a real horny session todaywannaspunk in someones face ..So wanna be the sexy sissy tv that spunks allover my own big round boobies and watches as you lick #hounslowshemales tits clean ..as u wank ur own lil cockand spunk all over them again ..
I really amso dirty getting hard just writing this …

Guys hope you likethe pics of me fucking ….a real GirlIMG_9774IMG_9013

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Hi guys sorry ive neglected posting for a while ..i am sorry

I am presently back in Hounslow i am here until MIDNITE Friday 16th OCTOBER 2015 ..THEN this #bristoltranny is leaving for BRISTOL ..I will be in Bristol until THURSDAY 22nd OCTOBER ,,,,,then back to hounslow until NOVEMBER….then yes back to PORTUGAL until NOVEMBER THE 11TH OCTOBER …

OK what have i been upto well i shot a mini porno for GROOBYPRODUCTIONS .Me this #hounslowshemale this #maturetrannytop i was a #trannyfuckingwoman ..I fucked a real girl a sexy buxom curvy young english minx in every position ..then she …Turned the tables and turned me into a cum hungry #bristolsissy fucking me with a Dildo while i wanked mycock until i spurted all over myself …..it should be online on uk tgirls within October ….I also had asexy photoshoot ..pictures will be posted soon …