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BRISTOL shirehampton tour TUESDAY 16th till late WEDNESDAY 17th JUNE (bs11 area 2 mins frm junction 18 M5 ) discrete safe FLAT AMPLE free parking
then BACK to my usual super Seedy HOUNSLOW \ OSTERLEY location
THURSDAY 18th through to late SATURDAY 20th JUNE

So i had an odd but interesting week in hounslow …many sexy times ..none more so than an odd experience with a middle aged couple who were staying in an apartment next to me ..I got chatting to them about the usual things .Hey i can talk about many different subjects to people from all Strata of Society .They were a hipplyish couple staying next to me for a week waiting to fly back to Dakota and there 4 young children ..They had decided to emigrate to the Us .and before they returned to there children .who being looked after by their Inlaws .they wanted a bit of a break and a funky time .All this and i and spent an agonising 40 minutes chatting about Organic food and how difficult it is to find ..Thats true enough ..Anyway the conversation when on to Occupations and i just BLURTED out yeah im a Prostitute guys cum to see me im actually a transexual escort ..well she wasnt disturbed or shocked just kinda took it in her stride .
Every time they saw me over the next few days we had a little chat ..and the truth came out that they had been dogging a few times and were heavily into swinging and “did i wanna play ” so on my last nite there ,the last two hours they popped over to my place ..her dressed in a short dress showing of her very slim but curvy body ..and him well jeans and a top ..he was a bigish guy 6ft 2 ..well built broad shouldered but slim ..and a very friendly kindly uncle ish kinda face ..I was pretty turned on as i do love the added dynamic of a woman and a guy so as i led them in they could see the bulge of my hard “trannybristol COCK peeping under my dress .
NOT to my total suprise he was the one to get on his knees and under the watchful and Pretty Blue eyes of his wife ..he took my cock outa my lacy black panties “suck it for me darling just like i told you .You look so hot on your knees sucking that #shemalebristol COCK ” HIS WIFE SAID ummm and wow it was so horny as she slipped her hand down the front of my dress and freed my big round #tsbristol bOObs ..only to make me moan as she sexily licked and nibbled at my erect little nipples .I felt so turned on having these two liberated people pleasuring me ..So laying the husband on the bed as instructed by his wife .She really seemed to be the one calling the shots wish was cool by me i was to turned on by this time at night ,having seen a few people that day and not having CUM i was so lost the passion and desperate to explode my #tvescortbristol cum wherever instructed . Now with the husbands legs over my shoulders and my hard cock just twitching for some action i gently entered him .The wife whispering “at last hunny i get to see you being fucked by a real cock .after this you will always be my Bitch “this got him so goddam horny .and i slowly fucked him she sucked his ample cock ..before suprising me and getting behind me .she started fucking me with my own dildo .controlling the action .the sensation had me on the edge of cumming ..untill she withdrew and asking me to withdraw ..SO CONDOMS OFF she wanted me to cum in his face as she started fingering me ..oh my god ..what an orgasm ..wow thanku

good luck in the states and thanks for the memory

Hey guys thankyou for your lovley comments they are appreciated as ever ..this #tsescortbristol thanks you and hopes to see you all one day
Take care out there on this earth that sets to teach us .times can get tough and the lessons are sometimes hard to fathom but every experience however slight has a reason .I guess its for us to decifer what .
But in the meantime some hot hard sex cant be harmful eh ?

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IMG_8388Hi guys Im sat in my car outside my seedy hotel room in Osterley writing this ..Guys im having such a quiet day here but i really am feeling rather turned on this #transvestitehounslow is getting so hard sitting here in my pretty #sissyhounslow summer dress my big #escorthounslow bOObs just straining out my dress and my #femboyhounslow big hard cock is twitching in my sexy #shemalehounslow pink panties ..just dreaming about some horny guy coming along and violently pushing me against my bedroom wall lifting me up, me wrapping my #trannyhounslow stocking clad legs around his shoulders as he pushes my panties aside and ploughs me with his hard big cock ..and making me gasp in pain and joy as he slides his hard cock inside me .making me let out a sexy little moan .My big hard cock just wanting to be stroked and played with ..just dreaming about him carrying me to the bed ..and ordering me to suck his cock .as he whispers the filthiest words in my ear .
“you Dirty little street walking tranny whore .You should be dressed like that late at night ..would love to see you mincing into the gents toilet at midnite in some dark and seedy car park …All the dirty guys wanking in their cars .clocking you as the tranny you obviously are and following you in ..all holding you down as your forced to suck more and more cock .Before two guys fuck ur tight little tranny hole at once stretching you .all the time another guy sucking on your hard shemale cock .You moaning the cum running your face .untill after servicing the whole car park ur stripped of your dress and made to wiggle back to your car in your heels and panties .Your boobs bouncing as walk .your body covered in cum ..ummm .I can dream .but if stay as turned on as i am right now i might well take a drive down to a dogging area …

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Hi Guys ..wow this #shemalehounslow has a story to tell you .a real sexy story about me the #tsescorthounslow and a very interesting male client and his regular female escort ..
Before i do that i feel really compelled to bore the few people who check out my site and make a comment ..regarding the latest so called AUSTERITY program ..this time with regards to the police ..I have to say the demonisation of the police was complete the moment they were told that they should work harder with less capitol .being manpower and equipment .This was helped by some press to actually blame the police for mismanaging there budget .This really stuck a cord with me as like everything political .they see a problem ..ie the imagined inefficiency of the police .The answer demonise them, blame there failures on themselves.And not their squeezed resources .So when there manpower and budgets and slashed to very little and there services are tendered out and contracts won by companys such as G4s .We will see it as the only solution ..Anyway my observation over ..
On with my sexy couple ..I have to admit to being really nervous about meeting them ..but as they arrived i relaxed and got straight in to action .suggesting Bob stripped and worshipped my feet slowly working his way up to my very hard #topshemalehounslow cock .and as he kissed the end of it .Lisa got to work as instructed nibbling at my very erect nipples ..This was enjoyable but what i really sensed these two needed was for me to take complete control and push boundrys so this #trannyhounslow ordered Bob between Lisas thighs and had his toungue pleasure her moistened pussy .As he was bent over the bed i lubed up his lil man pussy and started gently fucking him ..this seemed to get them both moaning with pleasure ..So i pulled out of Bob ..took of my condom and spanked Lisas face with my cock .”suck it for me girl suck my big hard cock ” she did and gave me such a lovley feeling .”now bob im gonna fuck Lisa and ur gonna get on ur fagggy lil knees and watch how a woman get fucked properly by a Real sized cock not that pathetic lil thing u have ” As Bob got to his knees his face burning with blushes and his eyes downcast ..but his cock rock hard i fucked Lisa as hard as ever fucked anyone giving her everything i had ..and was rewarded with sexy lil moans .I lay bob down on the bed and with his legs over my shoulders fucked him just as id fucked her ..but with Lisa laying next to him frigging herself as i pushed him verbally and phsyically to his limits as he repeated my words screaming out what a cock sucking cock taking faggotty little slut he really is .Back between Lisas thighs and me sucking at her very large soft bOObs .I sexily whispered to her “bitch im gonna put you on the streets im gonna put you with the other street walkers ..when i cum back if you havent earned me enough im gonna slap u infront of all the other girls, then im gonna piss all over you “to these words she exploded spurting her horny wetness ….I started finger fucking Bob as the exhausted lisa sucked him till he exploded ..
Guys im back in Hounslow 2pm TUESDAY 2ND JUNE ..TILL TUESDAY 9th JUNE

usual place ….xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxCELINExxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

take care out there


Hi guys and gals EXTENDED MY TOUR OF HOUNSLOW im not leaving till late WEDNESDAY 27TH MAY

Im back again in the lovley borough of Hounslow //Osterley this WEDS 20 th till LATE WEDNESDAY 27th MAY

WOW this year is flying by ..isnt amazing that we are told that time is a constant ..But as we leave our early twenties does it not accelerate .or feel like it does. the former i think .Seems to be the older you get the faster times go thus. The more we try and cram into our fading time ..Sorry just an observation based on this #tsescorthounslow having time i guess to observe more ..eh anyway i had a sweet time in Bristol ..met some lovley girls and boys .And am pretty sure this #tvescorthounslow will be back .
Talking about touring if any of you guys in Southampton happen to have or know of a suibtable flat for me to rent in the vicinity please let this #trannyescorthounslow know .as im determined to base myself back in Southampton ..but still travel a lot and will hopefully carry on entertaining the good people of hounslow as only this #shemaleescorthounslow CAN DO …With care and attention just like the horny american guy who i had the pleasure of visiting last week .Such a sweet sound his moaning and crying as i fucked him with my very hard shecock .pushing him to the limits of his endurance .untill i finally took out my cock and had this subbie sissy lick and suck and slavishly serve me until i was ready ..and Wow AFTER that i was ready as i exploded all over his waiting mouth ..

Take care guys c u soon


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Hi guys


Very discrete location with free PARKING

So Bristolians im sure ive spelt that wrongly ..sorry but if you Fancy seeing a hard #tsescortbristol cock as its brought to your eager lips and you mouth opens and slowly you submit to its smooth juicyness sucking and slurping on it ,,untill i take it out and slowly bend you over the bed .lubing up your little hole i gently place my #TSESCORTBRISTOL cock and slowly force my way inside you and screw you till your screaming for me to let you cum ,I withdraw my cock and with you on your knees you suck my #trannyescortbristol cock .,,,until it explodes all over ur waiting face.
Or maybee you would prefer to be bending me over the bed and fucking the #sissyescortbristol untill u cum and explode inside me ,

take care

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Hi Guys HOUNSLOW ..5 pm THURSDAY 7th MAY till MONDAY 12th MAY

Thought i would say something deep and far reaching about the cuming election .But to be honest im pretty well sure that my Political narrative is of no interest to you .Lol so just to let you know i will be around Thursday evening 5 pm onwards to give you an alternative election day special .When you can feel free to explain why your chosen party or parties are going to make a real change .If i get bored of your monologue My hard smooth #sissyhounslow cock will be pushed even further down your willing mouth and to hear you gag on my cock will give me such a thrill .To see you between my creamy thighs your toungue working its way between my lil balls licking and probing into my #transexualescorthounslow hole .Turning me on so much that this #trannyescorthounslow will lube you up and show you the true meaning of a forced COALITION as i press further and further into you ,Until finally withdrawing and taking of my condom having you pleasure me orally before i cover your mouth with my #tsescorthounslow creamy cum .
dont 4 get guys im back 5PM THURSDAY 7th MAY untill LATE the following MONDAY 11th MAY 2015

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Hi guys


I had an amazing 7 days in Hounslow and would like to thank you sexy guys for making each stay memorable ..this #hounslowtvescort will be resuming her forced feminisation sessions on WEDS 29th APRIL ..where i will be showing how full of DOMINATION this #tsescorthounslow can be .How i love showing guys that the best place for them is on there subbie little knees ,pleasuring my hard #trannyescorthounslow cock ..Taking my cock in your mouth after first kissing it ..as you look up at me and see my big round boobs as your gagging on my #sissyescort cock is all i desire ..As i gently pull you onto my bed and putting your legs over my shoulders .start easing myseslf deeper and deeper inside you ..All the time banning you from playing with your hard cock ,,until your resigned to me just ploughing you till you cum and you beg and beg for release .and finally i relent and allow you ten strokes of your cock ..4 is enough for you spurt your seed all over yourself ummmm



Hi guys well i had agreat time in Portugal hopefully found what i was looking for out there .SO after a whole two weeks without any action im looking forward to my return to HOUNSLOW on SATURDAY 18th APRIL 2015
I am feeling it such a sexy mood seeing the smilling faces on many of you sexy guys just really turns me on .Dreaming about my #tsescorthounslow cock growing hard in my summer dress .wondering how it will feel for your hand to touch my #tvescorthounslow cock and get on your knees and suck it until im bursting to place my #shemaleescorthounslow cock gently inside you so you can experience that full feeling for yourself the joy of feeling a cock buried deeply inside you .Im looking forward again to be on my knees teasing your cock with my mouth and showing you the skills that #trannycockhounslow provides .
I will be back usual place APRIL 18th SATURDAY untill the following SATURDAY 24th APRIL 2015

#tsescorthounslow#tvescorthounslow#trannyescorthounslow #shemaleescorthounslow

At THE MOMENT IM ON hOLIDAY EN PORTUGAL but will be back to entertain you with my hard #tsescorthounslow cock .placing it gently in your hand or forcing you to suck on #tvescorthounslow cock .I will be so so gasping for some horny action by the time i return to these British shores that my #trannyescorthounslow cock will be near to bursting .
Until then Enjoy the unseasonally hot weather and take care


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Hi guys just a quick update i will be in HOUNSLOW untiLL LATE SATURDAY 4th APRIL .THEN THIS #SHEMALEESCORTHOUNSLOW will be on Holiday for 10 days ..back on the 17th APRIL …so before the slow long drag of EASTER begins why not sample this #sissyhounslow COCK and the #tsescorthounslow big round soft bOObs that the #hounslowtrannyescort has to offer you .Just think you can feel my REAL 7 inches of tranny cock deep inside you .feel it as i stretch you to the limit ..or feel my cock in your eager mouth ..
Or simply enjoy some time with an intelligent and warm person who will happily kiss and cuddle followed by whatever naturally happens ..the choice is yours guys

I would like to wish you all a restfull and thoughtful Easter a time that hope will bring a rest to some of you guys that lead stressful lives .The time to just be yourselves away from the pressure of work and maybe enjoy being you .And possibly feel grateful for the people you have around you .
I am away to Portugal house hunting well im looking for a piece of land and a house in the North ..to use as a holiday place .somewhere to get back to Nature away from the bustle of the world and somewhere to come to and live .and spend the end years of my life …where i can just grow some food .and potter around and just discover more .
Anyway guys sorry to go on so much .
Wishing you all a pleasant and peaceful rest