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WP_20141105_20_39_04_ProaltAo7D5NG-qV27C_xSKJqqfZ_zup0qmDxdcRqIvgEjtiFkHi guys i will be back in LEYTONSTONE   Tuesday 2 nd Dec until SATURDAY 6 Th december..


Ive been feeling so horny of late ..for real i cut down my estroge dosage and am now always feeling so ..like i wanna screw on of you sexy guys who wants to feel a real Ts …//shemaleleytonstone inside them .to feel my real 7 inches of Welsh Shecock meat stretching you ..after uve sucked me ..just to see ur sexy lil faces bobbing up and down on my hard shecock ummm just wants me want to explode into your face there and then .

Be seeing you all soon



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Hi guys i will be in CRAWLEY/GATWICK area from TUESDAY 25th untill late FRIDAY 29th NOVEMBER ..Staying in a discrete annex of a central hotel ..no need to walk past reception ..Ring me for a booking it will be my last tour of CRAWLEY until the new year ..


So for an early Christmas present to yourself which will keep giving ,,each and every time you think of it ,,try me ENGLISHSHEMALE ..tscelinepreop visiting CRAWLEY ..happy to show you how totally dirty i can be to you ..love to see your legs draped over my shoulders as i whisper ..those disgusting things to you stripping you of all your inhibitions untill you scream for me to fuck you and make you my bitch ..

For a really white christmas full of my creamy cum ..im here well i will be from TUESDAY 25th until Late Friday 29th NOVEMBER ..2014

English shemale Celine .pre op ts CELINE 7 inches cut ready to take your cherry

Hi guys what a day of just sitting on the edge of my seat .my knickers sending little shock waves through to my hard She male cock ..crossing and uncrossing my stocking clad smooth legs .and absently tweaking my nipples sitting on the end of my large soft .She male bOObs ..

I have a day of just playing with my hard hard cock …just dreaming about the way it feels ..feeling it getting harder in my own hand ..Watching u get on your knees and lick the end of it .then putting it in your mouth and sucking it and sucking it ..all the time your hands playing with my tiny balls …Can you imagine my naked body in your arms ..my breasts rubbing against you ..feeling the hardness of my nipples and the softness and yieldingness of my feminine bOObs ..All the time feeling my very hard Cock prodding into your groin ..I slowly turn you round ..bit my bit you feel my wet slimy cock working its way deep inside you …………………..Whatever happens next is up to you ..let me know what you would like eh xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


BACK in NOTTINGHILL Thursday 20 th till Late MONDAY 24th NOVEMBER 2014

HI guys

what a week

Trying to get over the flu …and sinusitis what a nightmare so taking a few days of at home in wales to rest and feel better .

READY for Next week THURSDAY 20th all through the weekend and up until Late  MONDAY 24TH NOVEMBER


Hi guys yep im back in NOTTINGHILL GATE …Till this weekend ..ready and waiting to initiate the kind of action you desire …From kneeling in front of me worshiping my cock ..to me pushing you gently on the bed and making .you feel me deep inside ..Or maybe you think i require your firm hand and would love to see me submit to you and beg for your cock ..Whatever you dream about ..if its with me RING ME  and turn that fantasy into a reality ….xxxxcelinexxxx


Hi guys ..sorry i have not been posting so much ..ive had a really dark time the last few weeks ..a very dear close friend of mine that ive known for over 25 years finally past away last week after a tough battle with cancer …Its only when someobody is no longer around that you really miss them ….and i am so going to miss Ken ..

Im sorry to mention such a deep subject on a sexual blog page ..But guys i am

REAL , and given such .liable to human feeling. that i sometimes like to share .


So im going to totally change the subject now and let you know that im back in the driving seat ..so to speak .

Looking forward to seeing you all in Leytonstone E11 over the next 5 days ..TUESDAY nite untill and including SATURDAY nite ..hopefully going to see some horny clients of old and some new ones ..i will be availbale for incalls ,from a delightful comfortable and super discrete private residence ..5 mins from Leytonstone underground station .there is also ample nearby parking ..


Any questions guys feel free to ring me



Hi guys i will be in CRAWLEY ..this week WEDS 29th OCTOBER untill late FRIDAY 1 st NOVEMEBR ..


I will be staying in a really discrete hotel ,,,in a seperate annex …so no need to walk past reception …..My SELF AND MY COCK WILL BE AVAILABLE for your pleasure ..and my very imaginative and truely dirty mind will be happy to ensure you have a mind blowing time ..guys any questions RING ME




Hi Guys ..Wow what a sexy day i had today ..pure sexy times …some lovley gents culminating with a very horny guy in his 70s ..making me cum with his amazingly insightful Naughty Naughty scenarios …My mind can sometimes be my g spot …so getting inside my mind with dirty scenarios seems to really get me hot ..but hey like evrything sexual it changes and evolves ..which can be super cool as you pick up more and more things that keep you turned on in new ways ..Never leaving the old fetishes behind ..but rather adding to them ..

Hey anyway guys i thought i would just let you all know that im still STAYING IN NOTTINGHILL this weekend and all of next week untill FRIDAY 24th OCTOBER  ..so guys im really am feeling horny and hoping for a sexy WEEKEND …cant wait to see you ,,Maybe you will want me to top you and help you feel my 7 inches of she male cock deep inside you ..Or Possibly you would like me to bring out the sissy bitch inside you dress you up as my little slave girl and roughly make you moan ..Maybee my cock filling up your mouth is also what you crave .my=e filling you up to gagging point .And then releasing my pent up cum in splashes all over your waiting mouth ..Or for a change maybee you would like to bring me down to size and take control of me the way you know i need to be controlled ..with your cock buried deep inside me ..and your hands all over my big juicy round bOObs ..my little hole waiting to be used and abused by your hard manly cock …to be used by you .fucked by you ..then debased by you as shoot your load all over my face ..or maybee you prefer my tits ..whatever your choice i am here for you /..


tsescortnottinghill ..ts celine pre op ,tsescortlondon .shemaleescortlondon .


Hi Guys wow had a cool week ,,,Lots of amazing sex some very nice people and and and ..a very talented artist drew a lovley sketch of me ..


As you can see i will be in NOTTINGHILL GATE THURSDAY 16th untill the following FRIDAY so i will be around for the weekend available for you to see …so feel free to see me guys ….IM Hoping then ..just hoping to take a week off and do all the things i have been putting of doing ..

So im  looking forward to another fun filled week ..


take care Celine xxxxcxxx


English she male ,ts celine .NOTTINGHILL 7TH to 10 th OCTOBER

Hi guys just a quickie i will be in NOTTINGHILL GATE ..10 am TUESDAY 7 TH untill LATE FRIDAY 10th OCTOBER ..

i WILL be available in Nottinghill gate untill further notice …


STILL happy to take your virginity and to take u to places you have not beeen …still getting so horny at the site of a big strong man with his legs draped over my shoulders and my hard english ts cock buried deep inside you …love the look of you all weak and submitting to my will .

see all soon guys /sissys and just total bitches lol