Hi guys
What a Month had my big trip from SOUTHWALES to Pombal upper east coast of PORTUGAL .Myself #BRISTOLTRANSVESTITE and my friend and 7 cats set of from our old home in the RHONNDA valley TREFOREST late in AUGUST at 6 am on a VERY typical rainy Welsh Morning .to start our trip in our 15 year old Odd Shaped MINIBUS ..,,CROSSING the channel Tunnel we had another 1200 miles of France and Spain ..but 2and abhalf days later we arrived in POMBAL .safeb and sound no mechanical problems just a senile Satnav that stopped working in PARIS but eh at least our cats got to see the EIFFEL tower and Midnite ..Wellhad a lovley time here but coming back to the UK BRISTOL ON THE 20TH SEPTEMBER and then this #BRISTOLSHEMALE will be available for your pleasure on MONDAY the 21st SEPTEMBER for ten days and then flat hunting in CARDIFFor SOUTHAMPTON not sure which ..will be available in HOUNSLOW early OCTOBER .THIS #BRISTOLSISSY has been so sex starved for 3 weeks so looking forward to some really horny experiences..Cant wait tohave my cockin your mouth and FEEL YOURS IN MINE .Maybe having me fill you up with my hard Tranny cock will get you cumming .OR Maybee you wanna feel urself inside this sexy tvs hole while you grab my big soft tits while you pump away at me ,teaching me to behave like the dirty trannybitch i am