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HEY Guys and Girls
this #bristoltv will be in BRISTOL bs11 area Shirehampton from 11th NOV till MIDNITE SAT 14TH .Im in POMBAL portugal at the moment enjoying a week of relaxation with me my cats and my friend ..Recharging my energy levels …..its good to be back and just relax and enjoy nature ,eat good simple organic food and get back to nature .like the good #bristolshemale i am ..
On my way driving to Luton Airport and 2 am..i was so fucking turned on my cock wastwitching in my #bristoltransvestite panties .and i spotted a parking sign .for a picnic area and toilets so this very turned on #bristoltranny stopped and got thisdeep aching inside me to totally debase myself so ..i changed my shoes into some very high heels hitched up my skirt took of my jacket .and minced over from my #bristoltransexual car to the GENTS toilet..parked facing the toilet were a few cars .and about 5 lorries ..in walked and minced over to the cubicles ,reading the inside of the door all the ..dirtytv suckscock ..man in wifes undiestakes it ..etc .Got me more hornyso there i was the door slightly open and me wanking my hard #bristolts cock ,while playing with my erect nipples poking through my braless top ..I became so nervous when i heard footsteps coming in the next second my door was open and a middleaged lorrydrivers mouth was wrapped around my cock …while he was wanking his own cock .he came in seconds and just zipped himeself up and left ..I didnt have to wait long as ayoungish looking guy came in “said ive never been with a sissy like you” .insulted by being called such a name .I became even more turned on knowing i had to hurry i so needed to cum ..and bending over the toilet .and making sure his suckable cock was condomned and my transexual holewas lubed i allowed him to fuck me as i wanked my cock ..his hand explored my chest discovering my real big round soft tranny bOObs .I enjoyed it 4 as long as i could knowing i had to get going to airport ,and feeling his cock getting more swollen inside me i pushed hard back on it as i wanked sososo hard and spurted all over the toilet seat .as i felt him explode inside me ..I left feeling totally broken dirty and sated .Not proud of my behaviour guess it was a one of xxx

hey see you all in bristol one hopes xxxxx