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Wishing us all a Good and Healthy 2018

To all my friends old and New in Bristol I will not be back in Shirehampton /Avonmouth again sadly my GOOD friend who`s Apartment I was entertaining from Passed away a few days before Christmas .I will however be back in BRISTOL ,Gloucester lane ,10 mins walk from temple meads station bs2 odl …nearby parking ,and very discrete I will be available MONDAY 8th Till LATE WEDSNESDAY 10th JANUARY 2018 ..

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HI guys just thought this #activeshemale would tell you about a dirty time I had in Bridgend Last week after a day of being an #activetransvestite and not coming that day .I googled some gay cruising areas and that very nite took myself to one in Plyle .I arrived at this deserted layby at about 1030 pm and though to myself wow this is quite ,dressed in a very short skirt and heels a top and a hooker leather jacket. I looked every inch a very dirty #britishtv or Ts or sissy whatever you want to call me anyway this #maturetranny sat in her car and just wanked her cock saying to myself “if nobody turns up in 20 minutes I’m gonna make myself cum and leave ..Headlights Came into view .A jeep pulled up and a guy in his 50s just stayed in his car ..by this time I was feeling so hard and Horny that got outa the car looking like a very dirty #bristoltv and showing him my cock ..he slowly walked over .and said hello then started playing with my very hard Cock meat ..Before long he was on his knees sucking my cock .And feeling up my stockinged legs ..While playing with his own cock …Just as I was getting in the Zone .Another car pulled up and we ducked behind my car .Before appearing again and I walked over to the new guy a rather nice looking welsh lad in his late 40s with an Honest smile .He started playing with my cock and felt my body all over ..He was shocked to find I had boobs .Thinking I was just another cock starved crossdresser ,,which I guess I was just with bOObs .He started sucking and licking my erect nipples .While another chap tuned up got out of his car and said “much going on ” which seemed odd put this is my home country of Wales so we are all Quite an odd breed .This #englishtv was not surprised when yet another car pulled up and out got a mature gent who came right over to me and strted sucking on my tits ..Too witch I said ” I bet you were expecting to suck on something else when u went out eh ” The younger chap had rang his friend who turned up with another Tv ,,who seemed a bit shy ..she was especially stunning dressed in a tight dress showing off her luvleybig round bum ..I started to spank it and within seconds she was on the floor with my cock deep in her throat ..Before long yet another car turned up and 2 more guys started playing with me ..The older gent had a few fingers stuck in my freshly lubed hole .numerous hands were over me and one guy was wanking near my bum before making it very sticky ,followed by another ..I was quite a cum soaked #englishts .and this just turned me on even more .So before long I was near the zone and spunked over a few hands which were licked ..wow was an eventfull night ..Thankyou PLYLE I will be back xx

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Hi guys just thought id tell you about a guy who came to see me last week in NEWCASTLE .hed been ringing me off and on for years anyway he turned up and there was me answering the door ,Dressed in a figure hugging short dress stockings and very high heels making me tower over him this #bristoltransvestite felt really in control and dominant .Westarted off with a kiss and then his hands moved to my very hard cock .and my knees dropped to the ground and this slutty #bristolshemale sucked his cock as his hands explored my soft round bOObs ..Being his forst time he was shy of kissing me .but once he started kissing this #bristoltart his cock told me enjoyed kissing his first tranny ..we adjourned to the bed .where he got my cock in his mouth and gently sucked me ..At this point i thought hed appreciate my hard cock inside him .my hard #sissycock inside his tight hole “”Dont you remeber what you told me on the phone about 6 months ago Celine .about you wanting to be fisted ..”This scared me and exited me all at once being a truelly Versatile #bristoltv i appreciate being a dominant active bitch and also .Love the feeling of a strong dominant man taking me in hand the way this #trannymilf loves .he started of with 2 fingers all the while i was wanking my #gaycock .he moved on to 3 fingers all the time telling me what adirty fucking bitch i am ..i whisped to him to put in 4 fingers .He did and i let out a very girlish squeal .I got even more turned on before long his whole hand was inside me .he was controlling my genderfluid pussy and opening me up i could feel his knuckles trying to force themselves in me .wow it would be long till his whole arm was in me ummm “im gonna cum ” And he was there with his mouth swallowing up my #trannycum …
GUYS im back in BRISTOL bs119rl MONDAY 1st TUESDAY 2nd and WEDS3rd MAY 2017 ..RING me for more info

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Hello guys and Gals i just though i would tell you about an interesting encounter i had in the good county of sussex rescently ..
Id had quite a busy day but still hadnt released all that pent up #matureshemalecum so was super turned on and feeling so damned Dominant ..In through the tranny door walked a very nice young man .Quite short but rather handsome .He had already told me that he was somewhat of a bitch and for me to take control ..
So the minute he walked in and gave me my tribute .”get on your fucking knees you pathetic little faggoty sissy bitch ” he did what i bid and after getting him to strip i saw his poor excuse for a cock and couldnt help laughing “have you got a girlfriend bitch boi ” “yes mistress ” “porr fucking girl she must be so dissapointed and frustrated to be saddled with such a small dicked sissy like you .Your not much of a man are you ?” ” no ” he mumbled ..”Did i say you could look at me now look at the ground .and sorry but as your not a man just a little sissy bitch lets dress you as one ..” He looked so shocked and was actually blushing as i passed a sexy red basque to him and a pair of sheer stockings ..His little cock was so hard “ahh does it turn you on being dressed as the pathetic sissy you are .Id love for your girlfriend to see you now .id happily screw her in front of you and then cum all over her lovley bOObs and have you lick them clean ” He couldnt answer at the time as his mouth was filled with my hard Transcock and my hands were forcing him to choke just a little on my blood filled member .”get on the bed you little bitch “I then placed his little sissy legs over my shoulders and fucked his tight little pre lubed hole with my throbing shemale cock .He moaned a little as i gently ploughed the last of his male pride away with my probing #sissyceline transcock .Bashing myself into him until i was quiet tired .”Now little sissy im gonna lie down and your going to sit on my cock and ride it like the sissy girl we both know you really are .” He got on my cock and took all my length ..his little cock was rock hard .Tellingly he seemed now to notice my big soft round bOObs and started to play with them as he rode my cock like a cock hungry whore that he truelly is .”Now you can play with that pathetic cock but only after you tell me what a pathetic little sissy fagot boi you really are ..Tell me then ?” Im a pathetic little fagotty sissy boi mistress ” I gave him permission to play with his cock and im sure its no suprise to you that he spurted all over my #maturetranny tits in seconds ..After which i smeared most of it over his face .But like lots of men he left me frustrated and i still hadnt cum .Maybee next time someone will help me empty myself all over them ..DSC_5842 (2)DSC_5829DSC_5838 (2)

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Hi guys I will be AVAILABLE in HOUNSLOWTW7 area WEDNESDAY 17th and THURSDAY 18th AUGUST 2016
Me and my #hounslowsissy cock will be happy to entertain you …..jUST thought id tell you about one day last night …A client rang me the #hounslowtv and wanted me in a very short skirt high heels stockings and a very small thong ..lots of over the top make up ..and wanted me to greet him on my knees ….Id had a very quiet day so was so so so turned on when i dressing for him so This #hounslowtransexual ..Was on her stockinged knees waiting for him to arrive ..Playing with my hard #hounslowtransvestite COCK …He arrived pushed me into my bedroom .unzzipped his cock and just stuck it deep in my throat ,,till i couldnt help gagging ..I kept my #hounslowts mouth open as he fucked my throat harder and harder and faster and faster .”get on the bed you useless little slut “I happily obliged .I was wearing a tiny thong as Instructed ..So his lubed and condomed cock just slid in my eager #sissycunt .”You like daddys cock inside ur tight little #manpussy dont u ” “Yes Daddy “i replied in a voice so full of lust no He fucked me for a good ten minutes before he started wanking my cock .within seconds i spurted my load …as he carried on then withdrew his cock .quickly took of the condom and wanked till he spurted all over my big round juicy tits ..
I just love being versatile so many more opportunitys to have dirty sex lol

see you all soon guys


for updated tweets and free vids ,,just click on my twitter link

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Hi guys sorry i havent posted for a while ive had a lot going on not connected with my life as a dirt#hounslowsissy .hope u live the pictures they were just stills from a little video clip i did for #twitter ..please CHECK out my twitter link loads of TOTALLY FREE clips of this very dirty #hounslowts .
Anyway the clip was just me wanking my cock and cumming ..I was thinking about wow i was just looking at my painted toenails and thinking what atotally dirty #hounslowtv i am ..how id love to just be fucking one of you sliding my hard #oxfordtv cock inside you and showing you what it feels like to be taken ..wow i was thinking about a guy who came to see me last week ..i forced him into a prettty bbra and knickers stockings and panties ..I just love turning men into little sissys this #oldts gets so fucking hard seeing a man give up his masculinity to me ..if only for the length of our session .but wow i really love seeing it ..as your dressed like a sissy on your stockinged legs kneeling before me begging to taste my #oxford cock ..
Then of coarse my thoughts turn to how much i like to feel full ..i love the feeling of a mans cock inside me stretching me .rescently had a day .of well a guy whos a regular loves being my daddy ..puts a lead on my kneck nipples clamps on my #hounslowsissy tits and abuses me culminating with him screwing me with his thick 8 inch cock ..that day it was followed by another guy with an even bigger cock really making me scream like the dirty bitch i can be but wow i do love that side as well ..Im lucky i guess being happy to play both roles ..

guys this week IM in SOUTHAMPTON MONDAY 11th .july //OXFORD Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th and HOUNSLOW Thursday 16 th

If you want to talk to me GUYS feel FREE to RING me


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IMG_20160613_102459005Taken with Lumia Selfie


Taken with Lumia Selfie
Hi guys wow sorry i havent posted for so long this #hampshiretransvestite has had an interesting time ..guys im really still after a nice bottom guy that wants to be in a movie with this #hampshiresissy anyway ive been so yearning for cock rescently .i guess it goes like that for me had an interesting time with a .very dom guy ..ive been seeing him for over a decade …anyway in he walked .”get on ur knees you little bitch ..” “yes daddy ” i meekly answered and assumed the position that this #hampshirecd is used to with him .He proceded to take out his special pink leather lead and place it round this #shemale neck ..ordering me to wait as he took of his trousers ..Im not allowed to talk unless spoken to .so i waited then he simply ordered me to open my #maturetranny mouth and Fucked my mouth …NOW with his sizeable cock hard he took out some nipple clamps ..placing several on my little balls ..painfull to start but the thoughts of me letting him do that sooon turned my little cock hard …Then he secured to very stiff clamps to my now erect nipples ..i moaned a little ….This was enough of an excuse for Daddy to grab me over his lap and start spanking me ..gently at first but quickly getting harder …i was crying out for him to stop which just made him spank me harder ..untill the very Real tears of pain started to muss up my make up …I so didnt want that big hard cock of his inside me ..but like everything with a very dom guy ..its is my submission to his pain me taking everything he has to offer .that really gets him off ..So as always he end up forcing his cock deep down my throat my throat hearing me Gag on his monster cock untill just ready to cum he withdraws and lets his masculine load expolde all over my face and hair …

Guys im presently in Portugal ..im flying back to the uk on Tuesday READY for oxford ox2 AREA on WEDS 15th and THURSDAY 16th JUNE ..
MY phone will be on from 11 am WEDS C U ALL SOON


Southampton SUNDAY 22nd till THURSDAY 26th MAY


SAME discrete flat in FOYES CORNER ..Shirley rd SO15 area

Just Ring for more info



HI GUYS JUST A QUICKIE to let u know im in SOUTHAMPTON SUNDAY 15th till late TUESDAY 18th MAY



I WILL BE IN NOTTINGHILLGATE ..4 mins frm nottinghill gate tube station …

in a private Apartment on TUESDAY 10th till SATURDAY 14th MAY
im right on NOTTINGHILL GATE 2 secs from m and s food