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well my time before i leave for a month in PORTUGAL is drawing ever closer ,And im still searching for somewhere to rent in the south east of england for my return or else this #englishtv will be homeless on her return .
Anyway i will be available for your pleasure this week in the CRAWLEY in a very discreet annex of a Central Crawley Hotel super discrete NO NEED TO WALK PAST RECEPTION .Lots of adjacent parking i will be around from 2 PM SUNDAY 2 nd till very LATE WEDNESDAY 5th AUGUST ..
As always i am happy to be the naughty little #crawleytranny submissive and happy to suck your cock like a good little #crawleysissy and offer my #crawleytv bum upto my back arched like a total cock loving slut .

Also just as happy to force you on ur knees in a pair of pink knickers looking up pathetically at the #crawleyactive . I force you to kiss the end of my cock, as a mark of respect, before i hear you beg to able to choke yourself on my #crawleyshemale cock .Then bending you over the bed i rip down ur sissy panties till there around your thighs .And lube up your tight little hole “dont touch your cock just yet my little bitch” as i see it twitching as i further explore your secret pleasure places. I then gently but very firmly slip my #crawleyactive cock deep inside you and .startarhythem of fucking you .You can see yourself in the mirror .Apatheic site ur panties half way down ur thighs and my cock deep inside you ..I allow you 20 strokes of your sissyfied cock and on the tenth stroke you scream and explode ..”lick up every drop”IMG_0227IMG_0127 lol