Hi guys i hope you area all well .I am just about ready to jump in my car and drive to dover to get to Calais and drive to Portugal ..Ferry leaves at 6 am ..So before i do that i thought i would let you all know that this #transcougar is not going to be available UNTILL AUGUST the 6th ish lol

I really do need a break and a change of pace and i so hope a lovley time swimming something this #trannycougar has not had a chance to do for around a decade ,,I hope i still remember how …Any way my transcock will be kept well hidden in my swimming costume .this #tscougar isnt taking any chances .
Guys i promise i will add a story to this site very soon ..hoping to change it to a site that will allow me to show my vids .But why not click my twitter button and it will take you there xx