What an exhausting week!

Hi guys

He what an exhausting week .My drive down from the Rhonnda in Wales seemed to take forever ..I pack in everything i can into m travels ..ie i had to stop of in Southampton ..to meet someone ..then Winchester to see my Doctor ..then Slough to view a very very overpriced Room ..then onto Leyton to park my Car ..before making my way back to Notting hill Gate ..Enough of m Domestic Trivia …i reall wanted to talk about a sweet young guy who came to see me today ..Totally suited and booted ..hed told me it was his first time and i guessed he would be nervous …We started our session with me undoing his expensive looking cufflings and slipping of his shirt ,,followed by all his clothes .untill he was standing there naked . i started sucking his cock .”WHAT DO LIKE THEN HUNNY ” I asked ..”Mistress Celine I wanna be Feminised ” Right ah i see hunn makes sense ,That cock is so small no Woman would want it inside her ..put this basque on thats good girl ..ah bless you ..now get on the bed and gentl worship my balls like the little feminised slut you wish to truelly be .. Before long before my Cock was Rock hard so i pulled my little bitches mouth down over it for her first ever suck of she male cock and Boy did he enjoy it ..”Lay on our back little girl ..open those patheic legs ” i said as i started plaing with his little siss pussy with my fingers and ordering him to wank with his tiny hands on his tiny cock ..Before long he was groaning with pleasure .”Do you want me to fuck you my sissyfied bitch ..are you gonna imagine its your big butch husband cumming home .Catching you bending over and him just lifting up your little skirt and giving you the screwing you need ” “Please mistress Celine ,please fuck me i wanna feel that cock inside me “So i gently got in position on top of my feminised city gent ..his sissyfied little legs over each shoulder ..and slowly i entered his little hole .in and out was enough for my little sissy ..as he came all over his pretty pink basque ..