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Hi guys
I am about to leave Bristol aiming once again for the m4 yes this #milftranny i sheading back to hounslow usual place tw5 are on the a4 From 4 pm SUNDAY 6th DECEMBER till Late WEDS 9th DECEMBER ..then back to Bristol for a few days before back to hounslow until December 23rd …
thought i would tell you about a Guy who comes to see me from time to time avery dirty minded .Dominat type who can issue forth such filth from my mouth he has me gagging to cum by just his dirty words ..
He came to see me this week ,in the early evening ,,,we had arranged that this #hounslowtransexual would fuck him for the first time and take his virginity ..
In he came to see me #get in the shower bitch and clean YOUrself for me “he came out looking sheepishly AT me ..out he came by now really i was really hard my #milftransexual cock was ready for him to suck ..”just suck it u pathetic little man get it hard .YOU know you need this .u need to feel me deep inside you to finally realise that you are a total little bitch ” with him on his knees i fed my rock hard cock into his mouth and delighted at hearing him gag “please fuck me ..please ” “for me to fuck you hunny you gotta tell me what a pathetic little gay sissy you are now walk in front of me with your pansy wrists bent and tell me what you are “And he did just that this big strong man who last time had turned me into his subbie lil girlwas parading in front of me ,Like aproper pansy ohh what sweet revenge.I bent him over the bed and gently entered him to his real crys of no ..no ..”oh fucking yes just take it ” no mistress ..please take it out and cum over me ” I slapped him across his face “You dont tell me what to do your so pathetic, u cant even take my cock your useless ..lets look at your cock .Has it ever got hard properly with a woman ?” “umm no mistress “he whispered honestly ..Taking my broken man to lay on his back i put my fingers inside him and demanded he wank in front of me .
“you really are honestly less than a man u r agay little pansyfied sissy .a loser not much of man u r so patheic” I spat fully in his face at this he spurted everywhere..
Guys if any of you single unattached .brave people would like to take part in a movie me screwing you ..If you are happy for your face to be shown ..if you are totally serious ..please ring me …Please dont ring meif you arenot 100 percent serious ..your chance for me to dominate and humiliate you …for free ..will be uploaded to different sites so Be sure you are cool with this ..Will be just you me and a camera man or woman ..in aprivate location Prob in late jan ..so Phone or email me..
guys take care out there