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Hi guys have to tell you about a naughty dirty time i had last night on the a36 ..in the gents toilets at nearly midnite ..i had been on my back from Bristol ..and id planned to be a dirty hounslowtransvestite for hours ,,secreting my #hounslowsissy outfit having a shower at friends i put on my stockings and sexy revealing dress under my middleaged woman attire ,,,so driving from Bristol to southampton on the a36 ..i stopped at deserted layby and took of my outer clothes to reveal my skimply #hounslowtv dress and putting on my killer #hounslowshemaleheels and a very naughty leather jacket i carried on my journey my cock getting harder every minute ..until i arrived in a layby with toilets on the a36 ..ummm i could see lots of guys sitting alone in there cars i parked just opposite the gents toilet …So nervous to be dressed like a total dirty old tranny slut .I gingerly opened my car door and nervously got out and minced across the car park and headed straight for the gents toilet .my heels clicking on pavement ..my shame clear and obvious for all to see a .dirty slutty tranny after cock .I walked into the gents and went to a stall ..getting my very hard cock out and playing with it ..i waited a few minutes then a fit looking guy in his early 40s walked in and looked at me a smile on his face “ohh look at u ..what a dirty bitch u r all dressed up .looking for cock “..he pulled me into a stall and ..forcing me to m y knees .”if u dress like a slut u better be one ” with this he forced his cock into my mouth and i did my duty ….With him rock hard he bent me down over the toilet and putting his condomed cock deepinside me ..leaving the door open so a few other curious guys saw the dirty ts taking cock ..he came within seconds followed by me ..being so turned on by the whole situation of me dressed like this taking it hard from a stranger ..It was just too much for me and i came loads all over my self ..
Then i shamefaced clicked out of the toilet on my heels and slutty dress ,feeling sated dirty and totally humiliated
It was an intense experience i might repeat ,,maybee tonight as im getting so hard just wrighting this ..

But tomorrwoW guys i am in HOUNSLOW TW7 AREA ON THE a4
from 230 pm MONDAY 22 nd till Late SAT 27th Feb

any questions guys just ring me eh xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx