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Hi guys sorry i havent posted for a while ive had a lot going on not connected with my life as a dirt#hounslowsissy .hope u live the pictures they were just stills from a little video clip i did for #twitter ..please CHECK out my twitter link loads of TOTALLY FREE clips of this very dirty #hounslowts .
Anyway the clip was just me wanking my cock and cumming ..I was thinking about wow i was just looking at my painted toenails and thinking what atotally dirty #hounslowtv i am ..how id love to just be fucking one of you sliding my hard #oxfordtv cock inside you and showing you what it feels like to be taken ..wow i was thinking about a guy who came to see me last week ..i forced him into a prettty bbra and knickers stockings and panties ..I just love turning men into little sissys this #oldts gets so fucking hard seeing a man give up his masculinity to me ..if only for the length of our session .but wow i really love seeing it ..as your dressed like a sissy on your stockinged legs kneeling before me begging to taste my #oxford cock ..
Then of coarse my thoughts turn to how much i like to feel full ..i love the feeling of a mans cock inside me stretching me .rescently had a day .of well a guy whos a regular loves being my daddy ..puts a lead on my kneck nipples clamps on my #hounslowsissy tits and abuses me culminating with him screwing me with his thick 8 inch cock ..that day it was followed by another guy with an even bigger cock really making me scream like the dirty bitch i can be but wow i do love that side as well ..Im lucky i guess being happy to play both roles ..

guys this week IM in SOUTHAMPTON MONDAY 11th .july //OXFORD Tuesday 12th and Wednesday 13th and HOUNSLOW Thursday 16 th

If you want to talk to me GUYS feel FREE to RING me