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Hi there guys .Sorry for not blogging for a few weeks ..my only excuse is laziness ..
Thankyou to you lovley guys i saw in Southampton will have to make a return visit soon ..
Im currently back in Portugal relaxing for a while giving my aging Cock a rest from all that friction ..I think this year i have screwed endless holes ..Male and Female ..been sucked of by many guys and a few girls ..
So yes i really do need a break .

I had a great night out in December ..Meeting up with the infamous management of Grooby productions ..one of the worlds biggest producers of transporn on a night out in a soho club..Made me feel very old to be honest .realised how youth orientated the porn industry is //Ive dome a few things for them but nothing of much note and Nothing i really felt showed me in my REAL LIGHT ..But thats probably my fault ..and i should leave it to younger sexier girls ?? feel free to let me know what you think ..check them out see the free previews ..then see if you wanna join and see me and lots of Seriously sexy UK based t girls ..http://www.uk-tgirls.com/tour/
Well what have i got planned for 2016 …a new base …Probably in the south west or east of England ..Many more tours to new places Hoping to tour Northern and Southern Ireland ..Let me know if you want me to visit your town just e mail me tscelinepreop@aol.co.uk
Just sitting here thinking this is my 8th day without sex of any kind ..gonna so cum buckets when i return to the uk . Love that first touch of a mans hand on my soft smooth flesh when i havent played for a while ..makes me feel like a proper dirty bitch on heat my cock standing to attention ,,my nipples just aching to be touched ..My whole body wanting to be caressed ..and love to feel your head between my girly thighs .licking me gently turning me on slowly ..until wow i get on top of your body and gently enter you ..My arms encircling your body and my cock deep deep inside you .A total reversal of fortunes me screwing you and screwing you ..until .I force you back between my legs licking my teeny balls and sucking my hard cock until i feel the time is right .And reward you with all my pent up Cum ..then to see you lick and swallow my cum as you play with your own cock bringing your self of in seconds ..ummm
Guys i will let you know my plans soon wishing you all a very Free and Fulfilling Year