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I had an interesting week in Hounslow ,,lots of sex and wow have i been feeing so so so turned on of late the lack of estrogen in my body so turns me into a total #miltonkeynestranny ..Yes MILTONKEYNES i will be visiting MILTONKEYNES TUESDAY 7th July untill MONDAY 13th JULY ,2015 .I will be staying in a LUXURY APARTMENT in the mk9 area .the THEATRE district ,10 mins walk from Milton kEYNES TRAIN STATION .with loads of adjacent Parking .

I saw a regulay who is always wanting to be fucked but never goes through with it ..Mr L not his reall name ..when he turned up i was dressed in my usual #miltonkeynessissy clothes -a short revealing dress my big round bOObs on display ,my sexy #miltonkeynesTV legs in black stockings with my strappy tranny sandals .looking every inch the dirty t girl .Within second his hands were rushing for my cock ,which quickly sprang to its hard smoothness and i offered it to his waiting hole ..”no no no no no maybe not this time “ummm ah well .suffice to say i helped him cum another way and wow he was greatful.
Another guy came to see this #miltonkeynesshemale ..and his words kinda insulted me and also against my sensibilitys so turned me on ..He walked in a middle aged white guy ..”i just love seeing tvs like you ” I asked him why like me what do you mean “well really horny looking, feminine but not totally …like a transvestite with boobs rather than a woman with a cock, those juicy bOObs of yours and that lovley Big cock .If i wanted to see a woman with a womans bum and a womans face i would .its hornier to see trannys like you that i can still see some of the boy in ” This so made me feel insulted .really it did cutting through my identity as as a Transwoman .like a knife .An identity that i have held for a decade .One that im proud that i look like a woman and can pass through life without the world noticing my differences .
But eh wow why did i feel so turned on by his insults ,,so very turned on .a deep stirring in my core .as he commanded i get my sissyass on the bed .He then slipped his cock deep inside me and fucked me untill i was screaming for him to carry on ..umm most odd .And when i returned the favour with him riding my shecock ,,all i could think of was his words ,,that still turned me on so very much …He rode my cock and i wanked and sucked his cock till he splattered his manly juices all over my smooth soft round bOObs ..He left a happy man .
Left me feeling a confused TRANSEXUAL WOMAN .transvestite slut .gay sissyboy .so let me know your honest thoughts ..about this How do you feel about it ?how do you view me ?..
Anyway guys im still the dirty versatile mature big boobed ,hard cocked individual i always have been

See you all soon