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BRISTOL shirehampton tour TUESDAY 16th till late WEDNESDAY 17th JUNE (bs11 area 2 mins frm junction 18 M5 ) discrete safe FLAT AMPLE free parking
then BACK to my usual super Seedy HOUNSLOW \ OSTERLEY location
THURSDAY 18th through to late SATURDAY 20th JUNE

So i had an odd but interesting week in hounslow …many sexy times ..none more so than an odd experience with a middle aged couple who were staying in an apartment next to me ..I got chatting to them about the usual things .Hey i can talk about many different subjects to people from all Strata of Society .They were a hipplyish couple staying next to me for a week waiting to fly back to Dakota and there 4 young children ..They had decided to emigrate to the Us .and before they returned to there children .who being looked after by their Inlaws .they wanted a bit of a break and a funky time .All this and i and spent an agonising 40 minutes chatting about Organic food and how difficult it is to find ..Thats true enough ..Anyway the conversation when on to Occupations and i just BLURTED out yeah im a Prostitute guys cum to see me im actually a transexual escort ..well she wasnt disturbed or shocked just kinda took it in her stride .
Every time they saw me over the next few days we had a little chat ..and the truth came out that they had been dogging a few times and were heavily into swinging and “did i wanna play ” so on my last nite there ,the last two hours they popped over to my place ..her dressed in a short dress showing of her very slim but curvy body ..and him well jeans and a top ..he was a bigish guy 6ft 2 ..well built broad shouldered but slim ..and a very friendly kindly uncle ish kinda face ..I was pretty turned on as i do love the added dynamic of a woman and a guy so as i led them in they could see the bulge of my hard “trannybristol COCK peeping under my dress .
NOT to my total suprise he was the one to get on his knees and under the watchful and Pretty Blue eyes of his wife ..he took my cock outa my lacy black panties “suck it for me darling just like i told you .You look so hot on your knees sucking that #shemalebristol COCK ” HIS WIFE SAID ummm and wow it was so horny as she slipped her hand down the front of my dress and freed my big round #tsbristol bOObs ..only to make me moan as she sexily licked and nibbled at my erect little nipples .I felt so turned on having these two liberated people pleasuring me ..So laying the husband on the bed as instructed by his wife .She really seemed to be the one calling the shots wish was cool by me i was to turned on by this time at night ,having seen a few people that day and not having CUM i was so lost the passion and desperate to explode my #tvescortbristol cum wherever instructed . Now with the husbands legs over my shoulders and my hard cock just twitching for some action i gently entered him .The wife whispering “at last hunny i get to see you being fucked by a real cock .after this you will always be my Bitch “this got him so goddam horny .and i slowly fucked him she sucked his ample cock ..before suprising me and getting behind me .she started fucking me with my own dildo .controlling the action .the sensation had me on the edge of cumming ..untill she withdrew and asking me to withdraw ..SO CONDOMS OFF she wanted me to cum in his face as she started fingering me ..oh my god ..what an orgasm ..wow thanku

good luck in the states and thanks for the memory

Hey guys thankyou for your lovley comments they are appreciated as ever ..this #tsescortbristol thanks you and hopes to see you all one day
Take care out there on this earth that sets to teach us .times can get tough and the lessons are sometimes hard to fathom but every experience however slight has a reason .I guess its for us to decifer what .
But in the meantime some hot hard sex cant be harmful eh ?