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Hi Guys ..wow this #shemalehounslow has a story to tell you .a real sexy story about me the #tsescorthounslow and a very interesting male client and his regular female escort ..
Before i do that i feel really compelled to bore the few people who check out my site and make a comment ..regarding the latest so called AUSTERITY program ..this time with regards to the police ..I have to say the demonisation of the police was complete the moment they were told that they should work harder with less capitol .being manpower and equipment .This was helped by some press to actually blame the police for mismanaging there budget .This really stuck a cord with me as like everything political .they see a problem ..ie the imagined inefficiency of the police .The answer demonise them, blame there failures on themselves.And not their squeezed resources .So when there manpower and budgets and slashed to very little and there services are tendered out and contracts won by companys such as G4s .We will see it as the only solution ..Anyway my observation over ..
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Guys im back in Hounslow 2pm TUESDAY 2ND JUNE ..TILL TUESDAY 9th JUNE

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