#Maturetranny Celine and the small cocked pansy 
  Anyway this is concerning a guy who comes to see me quite regularly .hes a tall good looking man in his 40s hes in construction .so very masculine looking and acting .But the moment he walks in my room .Hes on his knees .kissing my boots .” Get undressed you dirty little bitch lets see that micro cock of yours ” Hes undressed and it really is a pathetic little cock ,No bigger than 3 inches hard .cute little thing .i then dress him up in sexy pink panties .”Look at that my little cocked sissy with those panties on you cant even see that pathetic cock of yours .I cant believe your wife isnt having an affair cum on thats so pathetic your not a man at all are you .not with something that small .Id make you dress up like a sissy every day so people know your shame that your nothing but little cocked pansy cock sucker ” Then i get him /her to kiss the end of my cock .and look up at me and beg to allow him to suck it .umm such joy screwing his face with my cock hearing him gagging on that cock .He has such protruding nipples that just beg to be pulled .what fun i have pulling them hearing him squeal .That really gets me so hard having total control of this little cocked sissy .” Get on your back on the bed fagboi ” “please be gentle Celine ” lol my cock gently touches his well lubed hole .And slowly i push and my nearly 8 inch cock firmly but slowly enters him .inch by inch i get further and further in him .His legs dangling over my shoulders i grag hold of his nipples and fuck him harder and harder .hearing him scream “please Celine dont hurt my nipples ” i can see a tear in his eye “now wank that silly little cock you pathetic pansy your not a man are you just a silly little fag a loser a small cocked sissy .id luv to fuck you in front of your wife so she could see the truth see what a pansy you are ,then id fuck her cumming all over her ass and get you too lick it all up ” with that are silly boi asks to cum and spunks all over his own face ummm .. Thanks for reading and more from me soon 
 Take care out there