Well im here in Southampton


Well im here in Southampton ,always feels like coming home arriving here …im going be around till Sat morning ..Rushed to be here on time for a horny sounding guy who cancelled at the last minute ..ah well …Im happily laying naked on my hotel bed thinking about all the men ive fucked for the first time all those sexy nervous guys who have come in ,all shy hardly even looking in my eyes …to busy gazing at my round soft bOObs …such fun as you start playing with them as i stroke your quickly rising cock …and you get all macho as i get on my knees and suck you to pulsing cockness …..then you ask shly .Celine can you fuck me please ….as i gently bend you over the bed and give your cheeks a playfull smack .As i lube up yor little hole and my long hard smooth cock …i ENTER YOU I CANT SEE THE LOOK OF PLEASURE ON your face when my cock touches that little ball of lovley feelings inside you .And you realise that the feeling is so lovley as you demand i go faster and faster …..i love bringing you to the point of total pleasure and change my cock for my finger as i slowly turn you over and with your cock deep in my mouth .My finger expertly plays with you as i suck faster and faster …and you finally explode in my mouth ummmmmmm